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Technology Innovations of the iPhone 4S

Like most iPhone users out there, many like to be on the forefront of technology when it comes to their cellular smartphone device. Apple has been king of creating a cult following of the next iPhone release date and has had a keen sense of what the public needs to hear in order to get mass upgrades to the newer device. With each release, the opportunity to create game changing technology becomes more of a challenge for the Apple parent company. With each release, consumers seem to become more speculative. The following article will help to uncover the major innovations of the most recent iPhone 4S model release.

While most customers were expecting to see a whole new iPhone appearance, toting a larger screen and shiny new backing, the new 4S was unveiled, carrying the same appearance of its predecessor. While the exterior may look identical to the ever so popular iPhone 4, it is the hardware and proprietary software changes that make this device unique.

The most game changing update to this device is the new onboard processor. The processor on the new iPhone 4S carries double the computation ability as the previous model. What does this mean for the iPhone 4S? Ability to run high graphics apps, multiple apps, or more seamless browsing without the infamous window closure that plagues the previous models of this device.

In conjunction with the processor, Apple increased their niche following by adding an 8.3 megapixel camera. While most devices have been following this trend, it is the accompanied apps that make this innovation stand out. Whether red eye removal is necessary or simply the desire to create a photo sideshow it is all now possible with the iPhone 4S.

While the previous two hardware additions may be worth the upgrade alone, it is the final proprietary software upgrade that takes the cake with this device. Branded “SIRI,” the new nearly hands free helper responds to a limitless number of commands from setting an alarm to asking what the weather is in a specific town. The program is initiated by holding down the home button until a voice courteously asks, how may I help? SIRI then visually confirms your command by depicting her actions as they are completed.

Most users who were questioned stated that the SIRI addition alone allows everything from dialing numbers by voice to reading aloud and responding to a text message received. The possibilities are endless, though several quirks still need to be resolved