Steps To Fix Microsoft Picture It Errors

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Even though a number of software and programs have come up to create and edit images, many people still use ‘Microsoft Picture It’ that comes with Windows XP and Windows 98 operating systems for various image-related works. However, the software can give you trouble and may not function properly as you would wish. In this article, we will give you tips to troubleshoot the issue with your Picture It software. Now, before you call up Microsoft support, try the steps mentioned below and try to fix the issue yourself. Most of the Picture It errors are fixed by running the repair tool or by installing the security updates.

Steps to install security updates

When your Picture It software does not work, the first step to try is to install the security updates. For this, navigate to the Picture It page and choose the digital image security update. Choose the Download button to begin the download. Choose the location where you wish to save the file by selecting the option Save As. Once you choose the location, click on Save. Once the download is complete, launch the exe file to install the security update. Remember that for the version 9 of the software, run gdiplus_9.exe, gdiplus_7.exe for version 7.0 and for version 2002, you have gdiplus_6.

Windows XP security updates

Windows XP operating system

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As per Microsoft support, if you use Windows XP operating system, download the Windows XP security updates to fix the issue. For this, navigate to the Windows XP security update page. Find and choose the Download option. This will ask you to save the file on your computer. Choose a location where you wish to save the file and choose Save. Once the download is complete, you can run the file to install the update. Restart your computer and check if the error with Picture It program is solved.

Repair installation

According to Microsoft Support, if the above steps fail to fix the issue with your Picture It program, you can try the repair installation. For this, load your Picture It disk and on your CD drive. Go to the Control Panel and choose Add or Remove programs. From the list, choose Picture It and select the option Change. Then select Repair. This will open the Repair Wizard. This will take you through the repair process.

With the above tips, you can easily fix the errors with your Picture It program. If you still fail to fix the issue, contact Microsoft support for further assistance.