Reminder service error in Outlook 2007

Cannot start Outlook, reminders

Outlook reminder services

Microsoft Outlook is not a storage system for emails, journals, appointments, and calendars. It also acts as an alarm system or rather a personal assistant who reminds you of important meetings and appointments. Outlook can be used as a reminder system for your appointments and meeting. The program will alert you with emails or pop-ups. However, when the PST files or any other files of Outlook are corrupted, the reminder components will not work. In most cases, the program will be unable to start the Outlook reminder component due to the corruption. The application may show strange behavior and error messages and might even become inaccessible. The users will get various error messages like “Cannot start outlook”, “Cannot start reminder service Outlook 2007” “Unable to show Reminders”.

Resolving the issues with reminders

Whenever you are hit by any of these error “Cannot start outlook”, “Cannot start reminder service Outlook 2007. Unable to show Reminders”, you can be sure that your PST files have been damaged. The reminders of Microsoft Outlook 2007 have some issues and the program is not able to start the service. If the issue is only about the reminders and if rest of the features or the program is working fine, you can resolve them easily.

If you encounter another error message along with the above given errors, like: “An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600”. Once this error occurs, the Outlook users will be unable to send or receive e-mail messages. The users might even suffer data loss due to this error. When you face a ‘cannot start reminder service error’ in Outlook 2007 or when the reminders are not working properly or if Outlook fails to display them, you can easily resolve them. This can be done by deleting the damaged reminders. This can be done as follows:

ñ  Click Start and the Search

ñ  After selecting Files and Folders type Outlook.exe and press Enter

ñ  Note down the complete path of Outlook and then go to of this by clicking Start

ñ  At the command prompt, type the full path of Outlook.exe.

Cannot start Outlook, reminders

Outlook reminder services

ñ  Give a space and forward slash the command line ‘Cleanreminders’ which will delete them.

This will help in deleting the damaged reminders and resolving the issues. If you are not able to resolve the issues, contact Outlook tech support for assistance.