Outlook Express Help to setup Verizon Email

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All your friends have a Verizon account and it’s only you who doesn’t have one. To stay in touch with them, you decide to setup Verizon in your Outlook account (as you can only use Outlook in office). But here lies the problem, you don’t know how to set up the account. Not an issue, buddy. The Outlook express help team is there for you. Take a look at these Outlook express help tips to get started.

Outlook Express help tips to setup Verizon Email

Setting up a Verizon email isn’t that difficult. Just follow the Outlook Express help tips and your Verizon account should be ready.

You just need to open Outlook Express and select the “Accounts” tab from the “Tools “menu. Then click on “Mail” to start the setup of your Verizon email account. After that, double click on the option, leading to your email account. (On most versions of Outlook express, there will be “My account” tab or a similar named option in the Mail menu).

Locate the SMTP server and enable “My server settings”

Now, you have to locate and click on the “Server” tab.  Look for the box labeled as “SMTP” (Here you have to enter the name of the Outgoing server that Verizon uses). In case you don’t have the CD, provided by Verizon while signing up for the Internet, contact the Verizon customer service for assistance.

The Outlook Express help team recommends that you check the “My server requires Authentication” box. Notice the button that is checked when you choose “My server requires Authentication” button (It should be labeled “Settings”). Now you have to click on this button. After that check the “Log on Using” box and out your Verizon email address. Make sure to enter your password as well.  Finally click on “OK” and close Outlook Express.

Wow, Outlook express help tips worked

It wasn’t that difficult to follow the Outlook express help tips, was it? Finally, you can start using Verizon at your office, all thanks to the Outlook express help tips.  For further information on setting up accounts, feel free to contact the online Outlook express help team.