How to remove Plug-ins in Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an e-mail application for Windows based computers and is a scaled down version of Microsoft Outlook that offers email and newsgroup access. The program is free and bundled with Windows 95 through XP. Like Internet Explorer, Outlook Express accepts plug-in programs to enhance its operation. The Outlook Express Plug-ins are small programs for Microsoft Outlook Express. They add new functionality to your Outlook Express to automate your daily routines and make your life easier. Outlook Express plug-ins (also called add-on programs) can add additional utilities that can enhance Outlook Express with advanced anti-spam features, privacy and security enhancements, and more, says the Outlook Express help group.

The Outlook Express help center points out that plug-ins add features to your Outlook Express that are not currently available in the base program. However, you can remove an Outlook Express Plug-in if you no longer want it or if it is causing conflicts with the email program, using Outlook Express help.

The Outlook Express help instructions

The Outlook Express help team provides certain steps by which you can remove the Plug-ins in Outlook Express. The following help procedure will help you do this effectively on your computer.

  • You can start off this Outlook Express help procedure by closing Outlook Express.
  • Click Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs.
  • The Outlook Express help guidelines will now ask you to locate the name of the Plug-in you want to remove.
  • Click the Plug-in name to select it. Click “Remove”, “Uninstall”, and “Finish”, when prompted.
  • Click “Start” and select “Turn off computer” followed by “Restart” to restart your computer.

The Outlook Express Help team suggests restarting your computer because restarting clears any fragments of the Outlook Express Plug-ins as well as any temporary files left by the plug-in.