High Fuel Prices in Airline Industry is Causing Technology

The goal of a business or corporation is to make a profit and to do so they must perform a desired service or make a needed or desired product that the customer or consumer is willing to impart a unit of trade for; a dollar or many dollars you see? When fuel prices go up in the transportation sector business must find ways to pass on these costs and streamline their operations to do more, carry more, more efficiently.

This subject came up recently when someone asked a moderator of an online think tank to explain. Here is the question; “Can we expect to see improvements in airline travel in regards to cost change or fuel-surcharges?”

Yes we sure can for instance the ATM Air Traffic Control Management and SimLabs NASA systems research and development to streamline and prevent delays and more efficiency amongst airlines even if the weather causes too much stacking. Also point-to-point strategies will move more people and freight in more direct routing, meaning greater efficiency; Future projects like NASA STATS and Future Flight make sense too.

One very good thing we are also witnessing is the hand-me-down technology transfers from the United States military into the private sector as well as the DOE Department of Energy Efforts to aid in improved aircraft efficiencies, alternative fuels and better transportation innovations