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The Technological Innovations


With the passage of time, technology is getting more and more advanced. Mobile phones are one of the devices which are most impacted by the advancement in technology. Day by day handset brands are launching new devices with enhanced features. Growing competition is also one of the factors which is enforcing the mobile manufactures to release the handsets with new and innovative features.

Samsung is one of the big brands which has launched a plenty of handsets with sophisticated features. Apart from the features, this brand has always got a widespread popularity due to the stylish looks or its handsets. In the present mobile phone market stagnation leads a company to decline. So it becomes necessary for every handset brand to enhance the technology of its handsets. As a matter of the fact, the technological advancement attracts the users towards the handset. Keeping same approach, Samsung has adopted 3G technology, and is launching the gadgets with a number of features desired by the users of the present time. Moreover, Samsung manufactures the handsets for the users bearing every kind of interest. Some of the users like the gadget with a large number of sophisticated features. On the other hand, there are some other users who require handsets just for communication purpose and wants these devices with less features.

To understand the Samsung mobile phones properly, a few handsets can be taken as instance. The Samsung i8510 INNOV8 is one of the innovative devices of this mobile phone brand which comes with a number of advanced features. One of the most desirable features of this smart device is its 8 MP camera. This camera is able to capture the images in crystal clear view at the resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Several other features are also provided in this device to add more fun in the photography. LED flash feature of this device allows the users to take the high-quality images in the dim light. Autofocus, geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection, image stabilisation and wide dynamic range, are the other camera features of the i8510. Besides camera features, this handset consists of other features which are supposed to be necessary in the sophisticated handsets. These include, Internet, high-end messaging features, entertainment, Bluetooth and many other. GPS-support is also available which is proved to be a boon the the modern technology.

Another nice handset by Samsung is the Samsung S6700 which consists of good features for a common person as well as working professionals. About the camera feature of this handset, it has 3.2 MP camera with also produces the good quality images. Other camera features are almost similar to those of i8510. For working professions, the handset consists of document viewer option which enables the users to work on Ms-office and PDF documents even on the go. Entertainment, gaming, messaging etc., are also available in this smart device. GPS is available also in the S6700 also.

One of the simple Samsung mobile phones is the Samsung S3650 Corby. It is a lightweight device with only 92 grams of weight and the dimensions of 103 x 57 x 13 mm. Some other features like, SMS. MMS and Email for messaging, Bluetooth, interesting games, media player etc., are available in this device but GPS is lacking. The S3650 has 2 MP camera which produces the images at the picture resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

Undoubtedly, Samsung mobile phones have every feature that are enough to win the hearts of the present day users. Many more such handsets by Samsung are in the pipeline which are expected to provide more better options to the users. It can be hoped that as the technology will be more advanced, the Samsung handsets will be launched with more and more features with a number of features which are not yet imagined

Car Accidents in Technological Innovation

Technological evolution includes both successful innovations as well as catastrophic failures. If we look at the history of technology as contingent — in other words, just one of many possible outcomes — then every event, whether intentional or accidental, affects the outcome. Instead of beginning at the global level, sometimes it benefits us to focus on one specific technological object or event and work outward from that point. The automobile has many systems that support its existence. Sometimes, a car breaks down, and sometimes aspects of the system itself break down.

With the constant movement of vehicles on the road, it is a statistical inevitability that accidents will occur. The car accident is one event in the wider technological system that can be focused on to derive insights about technological progress and technological failure. The direct followup in the sequence of events following a car accident is the need for car repair. To look at the overall system like an ecological system, we can see that the need for car repair results in the emergence of a car repair industry.

The focus on car repair is helpful because it allows us to see a relationship in which the car accident and car repair interact with each other. Automotive repair is but one component of the overall support system for the vehicle, but its emergence shows us that large technological systems form organs for repair and maintenance much like in living organisms. From the relationship between car accidents and repair, one should next move to the larger “organism”: the automobile itself.

From where does the automobile emerge? What does the car’s ubiquity tell us about ourselves? The car (and the internal combustion engine) can be said to be a combination of two of our earliest technological leaps: the wheel and fire. A car, in a sense, is also a projectile, like an arrow hurtling toward its target. The automobile is a combination of speed and vision. The car does not stand alone; it is always connected to other technologies. Entire industries are based around fueling it. Networks of roads and highways are constantly maintained and improved to support it. It presents us with a number of unsolvable problems: the accident, the traffic jam, the unexpected vehicular malfunction. The automobile has changed the way we live and view ourselves in relation to the greater global community. The changes that the car and the “car accident” have brought into the world are many, and our lives as we currently live them would not be possible without the existence of the automobile.

Technology Innovations of the iPhone 4S

Like most iPhone users out there, many like to be on the forefront of technology when it comes to their cellular smartphone device. Apple has been king of creating a cult following of the next iPhone release date and has had a keen sense of what the public needs to hear in order to get mass upgrades to the newer device. With each release, the opportunity to create game changing technology becomes more of a challenge for the Apple parent company. With each release, consumers seem to become more speculative. The following article will help to uncover the major innovations of the most recent iPhone 4S model release.

While most customers were expecting to see a whole new iPhone appearance, toting a larger screen and shiny new backing, the new 4S was unveiled, carrying the same appearance of its predecessor. While the exterior may look identical to the ever so popular iPhone 4, it is the hardware and proprietary software changes that make this device unique.

The most game changing update to this device is the new onboard processor. The processor on the new iPhone 4S carries double the computation ability as the previous model. What does this mean for the iPhone 4S? Ability to run high graphics apps, multiple apps, or more seamless browsing without the infamous window closure that plagues the previous models of this device.

In conjunction with the processor, Apple increased their niche following by adding an 8.3 megapixel camera. While most devices have been following this trend, it is the accompanied apps that make this innovation stand out. Whether red eye removal is necessary or simply the desire to create a photo sideshow it is all now possible with the iPhone 4S.

While the previous two hardware additions may be worth the upgrade alone, it is the final proprietary software upgrade that takes the cake with this device. Branded “SIRI,” the new nearly hands free helper responds to a limitless number of commands from setting an alarm to asking what the weather is in a specific town. The program is initiated by holding down the home button until a voice courteously asks, how may I help? SIRI then visually confirms your command by depicting her actions as they are completed.

Most users who were questioned stated that the SIRI addition alone allows everything from dialing numbers by voice to reading aloud and responding to a text message received. The possibilities are endless, though several quirks still need to be resolved

Future Technological Innovation

When coordinated suicide bombings struck London, UK’s general public transport system in July 2005, closed circuit tv (CCTV) footage enabled police to establish four suspects within a few days. The in depth analysis showed that four males with backpacks had met up at King’s Cross-station before going out on individual objectives.

The high-profile incident displays how security techniques and technology are becoming smarter. Ever since the fall of the Twin Towers on the 11th of Sept, 2001 on account of a terrorist attack, workplace building security continues to be steadily evolving from somewhat open for all entry to significantly stricter environments by using electronic barriers, individual identification and tracking, jointly with vehicle management.

With know-how permeating just about every part of our life, it’s obvious that it will be used for property or place of work security functions. Its innovations are also producing some of the most convenient and impressive specialized home-security options on the market. On top of that, the benefit of having several elements working as well as live tracking shouldn’t be underestimated. With live monitoring, you always know that the alarm will be responded to purely because the live monitoring is definitely an essential element of all security packages. Live monitors spring into action the instant an alarm system is triggered to investigate the alarm.

Daily life in a Sci-Fi Video

The most current approach to protection is going well past gadgetry and technological breakthroughs. Fairly elementary plans can be cost-effective and worthwhile. Security officers can converse by means of PDAs, enabling them to obtain messages in the field. Good lighting is really a must, especially in garages.

In general, offices are now minimizing their reliance on manpower in preference to X-ray devices, metal detectors, turnstiles and barriers.

Video analytics and biometrics are only a few of the many cutting edge security technologies currently being utilised. New surveillance devices, utilizing complicated algorithms, helps operators of CCTV to zero in on suspicious behavior. Intelligent video cameras systems look for distinctive activities, for instance a suitcase left unattended for several minutes. In parking lots, the video is searching for behavior generally known as looping from vehicle to motor vehicle, as a thief attempts to break into vehicles.

Biometrics, which confirms identification by way of fingerprint, iris or facial recognition, is currently being applied, from the most recent sci-fi movie to the real world. Facial recognition, as an example, analyzes the 80 nodal points about the individual’s face, like distance in between eyes, or nose width.

Some people balk and complain at guest escorts and delays. But most, for example airport passengers, are willing to accept a little bit of inconvenience. Enhanced security has obvious positive aspects, but service providers must bear in mind the expense and intrusion. About the plus side, good quality security plans may help retain tenants, bring about a decrease in theft, and lower insurance prices.

In a unsafe world, perfect security is unattainable. Unexpected terrorist attacks, not to forget natural disasters, which can take place with out warning anywhere. All we can do is to handle security threats with a suitable combination of technology and individual surveillance. As part of that two-pronged strategy, specialists emphasize, initiatives should not be wasted on cosmetic modifications that fail to truly promote protection

Project Management Collaboration

There are plenty of different ways that companies communicate with each other. Businesses all have their own means of intra-office communication and task management. It varies from one business to the next, but it is certain that any business can benefit from a project management collaboration system. These tools are not new, but they have come a long way in recent years. Instead of having to rely on tired systems that can’t keep up in real time, people can now use online systems that are completely focused on task and project management and collaboration that can be done in real time.

Project management collaboration is something that any business can benefit from. This type of software is uniquely designed to improve tasks and efficiencies across the board. Any business can find a customizable dashboard that allows them to tailor their project management software to their exact needs. It doesn’t matter if you know what you want or if you are just looking around to see what is out there, because technology is waiting to sweep you off your feet. Innovations are what will keep your business ahead of the competition. It is important that you take advantage of these tools even when they don’t seem like something that might offer assistance to you.

Some businesses balk at the idea of using online systems to streamline their operations. Because the internet is such a vast, open space, it often scares some people away. However, it is very secure to use project management collaboration systems online today, thanks to encryption and security features. Plus, administrative heads can track the progress of different tasks and projects without having to hear status reports or updates at meetings throughout the week. There are so many different benefits to utilizing technology for everything that it can do. Take the time to do a little research about project management and what it can do for your business, because collaboration can probably offer you more than you might have imagined.

It’s all about making business more efficient and eliminating waste when it comes to project management collaboration tools. Even though every business is different, they all have tasks and projects to manage, reporting and tracking to take care of, and a need for a forum in which to communicate effectively about the goings-on within the projects and tasks at hand. With the right collaboration program, businesses can enjoy all of these things handled by an online system while they simply sit back and enjoy the benefits of not having to micro-manage every single project from now on. There is a lot to enjoy with this type of software, but the increased efficiency and business profits will likely be the most popular rewards. When you increase efficiency and profits, you are giving your business the success that it deserves.

The Newest Technological Innovation

A highly efficient colour e-reader that totally facilitates video clip, web surfing as well as mobile phone display monitors was revealed by Dutch research workers. Although this particular technology won’t be available for a minimum of one year the actual ramifications might be wide spread.

The prototype makes use of display screen technology dependent upon some really old science which its designers point out can be 4 times more energy efficient than Liquid crystal display monitors. This will likely help numerous industrial sectors reduce the power ingestion on quite a few appliances. The environmentally friendly qualifications are clear with the beginning of additional alternative energy products it’s reasonable to state that businesses coming from around the world will be seeking to boost efficiency in several different ways.

Once established in the e-reader market, Dutch organization Liquavista hope to see its displays integrated into a lot of other products later on.

It is true that some analysts are asking whether or not consumers will be enticed by these eco-friendly gadgets. However it will likely be producers calling the shots and while buyers might not be swayed coming from an environmental point of view the higher energy costs that will certainly be widespread in the foreseeable future most definitely will.

Liquavista stated it wants the first e-readers using the “electrowetting” technologies to be available by the middle of next year and the technology to then end up a lot more wide-spread.

“Anyone surely might see this technology in your smartphone, within your internet tablet, within your Computer. But ultimately you could potentially see it at home as the TV monitor within your lounge.”

Electrowetting has long been known about in excess of a hundred years but is only now getting perfected through several companies, for example, to create auto-focus lenses regarding digital cameras.

This entails small electric charges moving coloured oil inside of every pixel. Most up to date e-readers make use of e-ink technology which is small grayscale beans which are manipulated using electric charges.

Legislation Encourages Safer Driving Through Technology

Beginning in January 2012, commercial drivers are prohibited from use of hand-held cellphones and new requirements are going into place concerning texting while driving – and new vehicle technology is actually helping all drivers to drive more safely.

A joint rule from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is the latest action endorsed by the U.S. Department of Transportation that aims to end distracted driving. This federal ban on cell phone took effect January 3, 2012. Legislators from many states are trying to get these laws extended to all drivers in all states.

In recent months major truck and bus companies, such as Greyhound, Wal-Mart, UPS, Conoco-Phillips and others, have changed their policies to ban their drivers from using hand-held cell phones, to make and receive phone calls, or for texting. In other words, talk or text on a cellphone while driving and you could lose your job.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) research in 2009 more than 5,400 people died and a half a million were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. The NHTSA also noted that distraction-related fatalities represented 16 percent of the overall traffic fatalities in 2009.

In the past few years, most automobile companies have been developing in-vehicle technology so they can offer Bluetooth hands-free in-vehicle communications. The whole idea is to keep the driver’s eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. Although an option for most vehicles, more and more drivers are demanding it from their vehicles.

Ford Motor Company goes further by having an app (911 Assist) that assists emergency personnel. Their hands-free infotainment system, called Sync, was co-developed with help from Microsoft. With Sync, if the “paired” phone is on and active and the vehicle is involved an accident that triggers the airbags, then it automatically makes the system dial the closest 911 dispatcher. It relays the latitude, longitude and altitude plus it opens the microphone so the dispatcher can speak with occupants of the car.

Depending on the cellphone, some users of Ford’s Sync system can also have their text messages, interpreted and read back to them by the system. With the Sync system, a driver can receive and even send back text messages via voice (albeit a short list of canned messages). Ford and Microsoft use the MAP protocol with SMS messaging. Some Android based phones and some Blackberry phones can send and receive text messages through the Sync system. This allows drivers to stay more focused on the road. Currently Apple engineers are not complying with this protocol and so Apple iPhone users cannot use the text-to-voice functions (unless they are using the new iPhone 4s with Siri). Siri, a voice-operated assistant, can be accessed through Sync and she will find and read text messages and play tehm back through the vehicle’s sound system.

As more vehicle manufacturers expand the Bluetooth capabilities of their vehicles, then more and more drivers will have the opportunity to avoid using their handheld cellphones while driving. Hopefully this ban will reduce the number of fatalities from distracted drivers.

In fact, the automotive insurance industry is already listing ten safety features they think all new car buyers should be looking for in their next vehicle. The list includes:

Intelligent Cruise Control – This helps your vehicle maintain a safe distance from cars ahead of it.

Lane Drifting Warning – This helps drivers who have inadvertently drifted out of their lane and could be going into another lane or going off the road. The constant monitoring keeps drivers on their toes.

Tire Pressure Monitoring – This is now required by the NHTSA on all vehicles built since 2008. Helps alert drivers if a tire is over- or under-inflated.

Rear View Cameras – When the car’s transmission is placed in reverse it automatically displays a view on a monitor to let the driver see what’s behind them.

Blind Spot Detection – Sensors at the rear of the vehicle alert the driver so they can safely make lane changes.

Adaptive Headlights – These do more than ordinary headlights to make it easier for drivers to see what’s ahead or around the corner.

Intelligent Airbag Sensors – Using spontaneous sensors, the vehicle determine which airbags need to be fired and at what speed to keep drivers safe in a collision.

Emergency Response Systems – In addition to calling 911 for assistance, this system shuts of the fuel delivery system, disconnects the battery from the alternator, turns on interior lights and unlocks the doors.

Rollover Prevention – Complicated sensors detect a rollover in progress and fire off appropriate airbags and other defenses to keep occupants safe.

Night Vision Assistance – Vehicle equipped with this have infrared sensors that can look further ahead on the road to detect people or animals that might be difficult to see.

So safe driving can be enhanced with increased driver awareness, safer roads, tougher traffic laws and vehicles built with better technology.

High Fuel Prices in Airline Industry is Causing Technology

The goal of a business or corporation is to make a profit and to do so they must perform a desired service or make a needed or desired product that the customer or consumer is willing to impart a unit of trade for; a dollar or many dollars you see? When fuel prices go up in the transportation sector business must find ways to pass on these costs and streamline their operations to do more, carry more, more efficiently.

This subject came up recently when someone asked a moderator of an online think tank to explain. Here is the question; “Can we expect to see improvements in airline travel in regards to cost change or fuel-surcharges?”

Yes we sure can for instance the ATM Air Traffic Control Management and SimLabs NASA systems research and development to streamline and prevent delays and more efficiency amongst airlines even if the weather causes too much stacking. Also point-to-point strategies will move more people and freight in more direct routing, meaning greater efficiency; Future projects like NASA STATS and Future Flight make sense too.

One very good thing we are also witnessing is the hand-me-down technology transfers from the United States military into the private sector as well as the DOE Department of Energy Efforts to aid in improved aircraft efficiencies, alternative fuels and better transportation innovations

Art Tells the Technological Future Info

Jean Cocteau once said, “we only serve as a model for the portrait of our fame.” Tell that one to Dorian Grey. It parallels the old “Chicken or the Egg” deal. Which came first? Like the preconceived elements of the computer and tech world, microchips, holographic interactive school teachers, global positioning systems, retna scanners, microwave popcorn, wireless remote controls, hover crafts, laser guns, and invisibility rings.

Fantasy or “remember when…”?

George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1949, a dystopian novel setting forth the fears of an intrusively bureaucratized state of the future. “Big Brother is watching you!” And now I can find my lost dog with a GPS microchip implant. I heard that some top secret organizations use the VeriChip implant in human hands in order to maintain security. Scan in and scan out, how freaky or cool is that?

Truth be told, almost every technological advancement of our modern age has been foreseen in a fantasy or sci-fi novel, painting or movie of some kind. Lucky guesses? Or, does science really copy the fantastic developments of the artistic pioneers, painters, and writers?

Where is this going?

Well, I am not too sure at this point, but I can tell you one thing, technological advancement can sure make life easier. It can be said that we fantasize for pure pleasure and invent for production. We are a society of development and consumption. We push forward every day in order to make life more beautiful, or at least that is the goal.

The idea of an embedded microchip (VeriChip) that contains all our medical records, connections with our financial systems and is trackable could sure make life safe and easy. Yet it seems to potentially open a whole new realm of corruption and ethical argumentation. There are already loads of websites spouting disagreements with the usage of the “VeriChip” implant in humans.

In essence, a VeriChip is a small radio transmitter about the size of a grain of rice that is injected under a person’s skin. It transmits a unique ID number whenever it is within a few feet of a special receiver unit. The system was designed to replace ID systems such as company ID cards and medical emergency ID tags. It is speculated that such a chip could also be used to replace driver licenses, passports, and credit cards.

Embrace or Run Away?

Well, as far as crime is concerned, we could practically say good-bye to kidnapping and robbery. But along with that, there goes privacy and the whole innocent until proven guilty ideal. No need to concern yourself with where your spouse really was last night, or where your child is at the moment.

Now what about the Book of Revelations and all that about the “Mark of the Beast”? Since the FDA approoved the use of the implant for medical records last October, there have been websites popping up all over telling tales of disdain in the Christian eye.

Truth be told, there are numerous examples of these chips being used today in everyday life. Millions of animals around the world have been chipped for medical purposes. In Mexico, city officials have been chipped for security reasons and to prevent kidnapping. And recently at the Baja Beach Resort in Barcelona, Spain, patrons can get a microchip with their financial information implanted so they can pay for their cocktails with a swipe of the arm. Is that VIP or what?

What is the bottom line?

Well, I’m not here to espouse one extreme or another. I am neither the zealot with disdain for the system nor the futurist with the tech mind pressing forth. I am a mere network engineer that runs a web design and tech support company and seems to think that future and science-fiction are getting pretty well acquainted.

From Big Brother to the Mark of the Beast, from safe, efficient living to streamilining the medical and financial world, we are on the verge of advancements so great, that Artists are painting reality right before our eyes. We are living in sci-fi and witnessing what our ancestors only dreamed of.

Solar Technological Innovation

Solar power engineering includes the potential to enhance the means by which homes and businesses create electrical power. Solar energy is a sustainable energy source which is produced, of course, through the sun’s rays.

Renewable energy can be accessed indirectly as wind, biomass and hydroelectric power and directly as solar energy (thermal and photovoltaic). So how does this valuable kind of technology work, and how can you reap some of its benefits?

Recognizing Distinctions

Core classifications of sun power engineering include active, passive, direct and indirect.

Active solar models make use of electrical and mechanical components such as tracking mechanisms, fans and pumps which will alter sun energy into usable results including things like heating, illumination and electricity.

Passive sun systems use non-mechanical techniques of controlling, converting and distributing sunlight into usable results.

Direct solar models commonly reference technologies or effects which include only one alteration of sunlight producing a usable type of energy.

Indirect sun solutions generally have their focus on technologies or effects that involve numerous transformations of sun energy; once again, the result will be operational power.

Its Benefits for Practical Use

Sun technology has impacted numerous common and basic items in our lives. Residential sun products have demonstrated themselves as extremely reliable.

For example, a thermal mass is a body which absorbs and retains heat. In the context of sun power, it is a mass which is designed to store heat in the course of sun-drenched periods and discharge it while sunlight amounts are diminished or just unavailable. A suitably sized thermal mass will smooth out heat shifts, thus assisting to maintain rooms at a comfortable heat range during the day and evening.

A number of houses, additionally, employ a solar water heat tank instead of gas or oil. And, sun powered automobiles are expected to be our next outstanding advance in solar technological know-how.

Sun powered goods have become so tiny and prevalent that people are employing this sort of power without realizing it. For years, many brands of calculators have been completely driven by a small sun cell as an alternative to battery power.

Quite a few commercial enterprise and government buildings are incorporating solar panel products into their plans. Using sustainable energy solutions to provide power to homes and companies will before long grow to be normative.

In fact, it’s theorized that during the next 25 years, most men and women are likely to be utilizing renewable energy resources to deliver all of their power requirements.

No Footprints and Endless Supply

Among the largest advantages of sun technologies is that it releases no pollutants.

Another is that the resource is cost-free and limitless. The full level of power extracted from the sunshine to the earth’s surface is sufficient to make available more than ten thousand times the current yearly worldwide energy usage.

Regrettably, government authorities around the world are overlooking this huge resource. As a result, it may possibly depend on everyday men and women to make use of solar technologies and move forward in assisting our natural environment.