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One of the advantages of using a Windows XP operating system is that it has an email client program pre-installed in it called Outlook Express. With this, you do not have to download another email client. According to Outlook Express help center, the program can be configured easily and the settings in it are simple.

Now, if you are using Outlook Express and have not added the email addresses to the program, we will help you find out how to do this with a few simple steps.

  • If you receive an email from a sender and you wish to add his/her email address to the program, all you need to do is open the email and right click on the sender’s name, which is found at the header. From the different options that you receive, choose Add sender to address book. With this, the email address of the sender will be added to the programs address book.
  • If you wish to add an email address manually, first launch the program. Select the option New and then choose Contact. Enter the tab for Name. Type the first and last name in the corresponding fields.
  • Enter the email address in the field for Email address.
  • Choose the button Add. Keep in mind that this will be default address and if you wish to choose another one, you will have to specify it.
  • Select the button OK.
  • Now, if you have an email address of another person entered in an email, all you need to do is, right click this email address and select the option Add to Address book.

    Outlook Express Address Book

                Outlook Express Configuration

  • Sometimes, you will have to modify the email address of a contact. In this situation, launch Outlook Express and select the address book of the program. Choose the tab Name and overwrite the email address if you wish to change an email address of a user. Select the button OK.

If you wish to delete an address from the program, open the address and locate the email address that you no longer need in it. Right click the address and choose the option Delete. Select the button Yes to confirm your choice.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to modify, add and delete addresses from an Outlook Express address book. For further assistance, you may contact Outlook Express help center or our technical support team.

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Connecting Gmail To Outlook Express

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           Microsoft Outlook Help

Microsoft Outlook Express is one of the news and email clients from Microsoft that is extensively being used by many people. Since it is useful and helps a lot in managing emails, people prefer to use Outlook Express for both personal and official uses. In case you want to receive all your emails that come to Gmail in Outlook Express, you need to configure the email client with your Gmail account. In order to provide you apt Outlook Express help, here are the steps to configure Gmail on Outlook Express.


  • Open Gmail and Login to your email account.
  • Click on the Settings option and then click on Forwarding And POP/IMAP. Check the option Enable POP For All Email and then click on Save Changes.
  • Now Launch the Outlook Express application. Click on Tools option and then click on Accounts. Later click on Add and then choose the option Mail.
  • Here you need to enter your Name and then click on Next. When prompted, enter the Gmail Email Address in the space provided and then click on Next.
  • In the next window, you will notice two fields. Type Pop.Gmail.Com and Smtp.Gmail.Com, in the first and second fields respectively. Click on Next.
  • In the space provided for the Account Name and the Password field, type the Gmail email and the password details. Click on Next and then click Finish in the final window to complete the process.

    Microsoft Outlook Express

                   Microsoft Outlook Settings

  • Now you need to click on the Properties button. Select the Advanced Tab. You need to check the section under Server Port Numbers. Make sure that the port number under Outgoing Mail (SMTP) box and Incoming Mail (POP) is 465 and 995 respectively.
  • Choose the Servers tab. Now look at the bottom of the window for the option My Server Requires Authentication, make sure that it is Checked. Click on Ok to complete the process.

Now your Outlook program is configured with your Gmail account and is ready for use. You will start receiving emails from Gmail in Outlook from now on. These Outlook Express help tips can be used while configuring any other email account that you use. In case, you have issues while configuring Outlook Express, you can contact our tech support desk via the helpline number provided in this page.

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Repair And Reinstall Outlook Express In Windows XP

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            Microsoft Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook Express is the email program that comes with Windows XP by default. This email application is relatively simple and has limited features, which is not like its counterpart Microsoft Outlook. Even though the application is simple and very basic, like all the other products, Outlook Express also has issues. Even though there are several solutions to Outlook issues, one of the simple solution that works with every issue is by simply closing the email program, restarting the computer and then opening it again.

Windows XP computers come with the email application pre-installed in it. You will find the necessary Outlook files in the installation disk of Windows XP OS disk. This CD usually comes with the computer at the time of purchase. This comes to your rescue when there are issues with Outlook Express.

Insert the installation disk in the computer to either repair or re-install the program. The moment you insert the installation disk in the computer, it would prompt you to either repair Outlook Express or re-install Outlook Express. In case you only want to repair some of the files associated with the email application and not re-installing the same, follow the Outlook Express help instructions that follow.


  • Click on the Start button located to the lower left corner of the desktop. From the Start menu, click on the Run option.

    Microsoft Outlook Express

                 Outlook Express Issues

  • In the space provided to type in the Run dialogue box, type %systemroot%\inf and then hit Enter on the keyboard.
  • Now click on Ok. This will open the INF folder. From this folder, look for the file MSOE50.inf. When you have found it, Right Click on the file and from the resultant menu, click on Install. When the computer system asks you to install the CD, only then it is required to insert Windows XP installation CD in the computer. The moment you insert the disk, Windows will automatically install the necessary files.

In case this Outlook Express help tip does not solve the issue, then you might have to look for technical help. You have the option to either speak to a technician or chat with a support technician. This is available with almost every support providers. When you get connected to one of the technicians, all you have to do is address the issue.

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Removing Outlook Express Completely From The System

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          Outlook Express Settings

Compared to MS Outlook, Outlook Express is not that great. Because it is a freeware email complication that is included in the Windows OS, Microsoft has not provided that many options and features as there are available in MS Outlook. However, they do provide excellent Outlook Express help and support services for taking care of the various errors and problems.

How to remove Outlook Express from the system

If you can afford it, you should use MS Outlook instead of Outlook Express and remove this freeware email client from the system to free up the system memory. However, since Outlook Express comes as an in-built OS utility, this might not be possible always. This application will not be displayed in the Add or Remove Programs list in the Control Panel like MS Outlook.

However, you can still easily get rid of this email client from the system by manually removing all the Outlook Express-related files. For this, just go to the Program Files folder in the C Drive. There, you will see the Outlook Express folder. Select it and press the Shift + Delete keys to permanently delete it from the system. If the OS is giving you some kind of a warning message not allowing you to delete the folder, then try doing so after restarting the OS in the Safe Mode.

Now, go to the Start Menu, Desktop, etc and delete the Outlook Express shortcuts you see there in the similar fashion. Then, restart the system. To complete the uninstallation, you also have to delete the corresponding entries from the OS registry as well.

Outlook Express Application

             Removing Outlook Express

This is a rather crude, but simple way to get rid of the freeware email client without any need for Outlook Express help or support. However, in some cases, this might result in OS Registry errors. Improper un-installations often lead to file corruption in the OS Registry.

A better alternative is to use a software removal tool. Many such software removal tools are available for free online. Download and install one such application in your system. Run it and select Outlook Express as the application you want to be completely removed from the system. This software removal tool will now get rid of all the traces of Outlook Express application from the system including the relevant OS registry files. You just need to restart the system after this to complete the process.

If you have any doubts regarding this, you may contact our tech support personnel for assistance.

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Calendar Options In Outlook 2010

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               Outlook 2010 Calendar

The typical person these days has more than one email account. Many people juggle their email management across accounts from multiple providers. A huge number of them make use of email client applications to ease the process, and in most cases this works considerably well. Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook Express help significantly in the scheduling area. Now these two, despite being from the same company and having similar names, are different in many respects. Like for example, you don’t get a calendar with Outlook Express, while this is one of the main tools in Outlook. Almost all your scheduling can be done using this helpful component.

Calendar views in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2010 arranges your calendar entries in different sorting orders, and displays them in as many views. This lets you monitor your appointments and manage your daily schedules. The Today’s Appointment feature lets you see all the scheduled entries inside any specific day, using the Home tab on the main toolbar. You also have the Work Week feature, which shows the five-day work week alone.

Calendar sharing options

You can chare your calendar information in different ways. To be able to organize your schedules with those of others, you can provide and restrict access to the calendar. In Outlook 2010, your calendar can be published online, so that other people can see your upcoming activates and adjust their own accordingly. There’s also the option for you to get access to someone else’s calendar, to make sure that appointments don’t clash, or you don’t double book anything.

Outlook 2010

     Outlook Task Scheduling

Calendar customization

You can make the calendar perform in accord with your daily use of it, so that it’s easier to look up and find relevant entries when you need to. You can set up custom groups and color code them to let you easily recognize group events among the appointments. There’s also the chance that you’ll have work which spans across more than one time zone, in which case the meetings can be adjusted to show your current time zone as well. Alternate time zone settings can also be configured.

There’s a lot you can do using the Outlook calendar, and in conjunction with the contacts you can access. Meanwhile, this gives near limitless possibilities with regards to data organization. For more such useful tips and guidelines on Outlook calendar use or for Outlook Express help, you may use the search feature and find a relevant post.

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