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There are many email client programs in the market and many of them are not available free of cost. Now, if you wish to use an email program in your computer, you will have to purchase a program, then download it to your computer and then install it. However, if you are using a Windows XP computer, you do not have to worry about all these. The program comes with an email client preinstalled in it, called Outlook Express.

There are many advantages of using Outlook Express email client. According to Outlook Express help blogs, it is one of the few email programs, which is available free of cost for the users. You also do not have to install it on the computer, since it comes preinstalled with the operating system. Now, let us find out how to configure the program with your internet email account.

Steps Involved

  • Run Outlook Express from the Start menu.
  • Once Outlook Express comes up, choose the option Tools and then click Accounts in the sub menu that comes down.
  • A new window called Internet Accounts opens with the above step.
  • Select the tab Mail in the Internet Accounts window.
  • Click the option Add and then Mail. This opens the window for Internet Connection Wizard.
  • Type your name in the field for Display name and click Next.
  • Enter the email address that you wish to configure in the next window and click the button Next.
  • Next window has the title E-mail Server Names. Here, you will have to fill two fields, one for Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) Server and the other one for Outgoing mail (SMTP) server. These server addresses will be provided to you by your email service provider. Click the button Next after entering these details.

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  • Enter your email address and password in the respective fields on the next window.
  • Mark the option for Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).
  • Click the button Next.
  • Click the button Finish to complete the setup.
  • Select the email that you have just configured from the Internet Accounts window and choose the button Properties.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and enter the port numbers for the servers as given by the email service provider.
  • Click Apply and then OK.

With the above steps, you can configure Outlook Express. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact Outlook Express help center or our technical support team.

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Steps To Resize Your Photos In Outlook Express

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You may have been using the Windows platform for quite a long time. The earlier versions of Windows came installed with Outlook Express, which is an email client service. Some may misinterpret it for Microsoft Outlook, but both are different. Both are meant for sending and receiving email messages, Outlook Express has other features too. Other than offering many facilities for sending and receiving email messages, it can act as a system database. Outlook Express records every small change that occurs in the operating system platform and hence it is very vital for the Windows platform.

You cannot find Outlook Express along with new Windows platforms. However, there are users still using and enjoying the services of Outlook Express. You will receive email messages in Outlook Express and sometimes, you may wish to add pictures in your email message. You would normally do this before attaching the picture. Outlook Express does not have an option to reduce the picture size automatically and hence you would have to do this manually.

Let us try to attach photos and then get the same resized by following the instructions given below. You could also contact Outlook Express help and support team for assistance.


  • Close Outlook Express as resizing the photo that needs to be attached need not require Outlook Express during resizing. We will be making use of Windows for resizing your photo instead.
  • Now locate the image that you wish to send as attachment on the computer. If there is more than one image, then you can press CTRL key while choosing them. You can now select all of them in a folder and for that you can press CTRL + A.

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  • The file can now be right clicked and you can select Send To and select Mail Recipient.
  • When the windows open up, you can select a new file size and this will ask you about the size that you wish to choose for the picture. You can choose the smallest size, which is (640 x 480). You will also be asked to choose more pictures. The photo that is resized will be attached to Outlook Express automatically in a new email message.

The above instructions will help you to get the photo resized. You may even contact our Outlook Express help team if you have any concerns regarding the above steps.

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Taking A Backup In Outlook Express

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In the Outlook Express program, the email messages are stored in files with .DBX extensions. The simplest way to find these files is to open the Outlook Express program and from Menu, choose Tools, then Options, Maintenance and then click on the Store Folder button. Here you will be able to find the path to the folder that contains your email messages. These steps work for all kinds of emails like, POP3/SMTP, MAPI, IMAP or even Hotmail (some of the email messages might be stored only in the Hotmail Server). In order to save all the email messages and attachments, you will have to copy all the DBX files from the folder.

Account Settings

Details about your email messages and news accounts are saved in the registry. To find these details, open RegEdit and then select ‘HKEY/ CURRENT USER/ Software/ Microsoft/ Internet Account Manager’ key from the left side panel. For saving this data, from menu, choose Registry, and then select Export Registry File. You can then save the file with a name, for example, accounts.reg.

Mail Rules

The mail rules of Outlook Express program are stored in the registry with the ‘HKEY/ CURRENT USER/ Identities’ key. If you wish to save this data, you can select Registry from Menu, and then select Export Registry File. You can save the file to a location like rules.reg.

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Address Book

It is very easy to take a backup of the address book. Address book is stored in files with WBA extensions. To navigate to the location where the address book is stored, you will need to open the Outlook Express program, and from menu, choose File, then Export, Address book and then choose the Comma Separated Text File as the input format. Click on the Export button to select the folder to which the backup is to be saved and then choose a name for the backup file. After that, click on the Next button and then choose the fields that you wish to include in your backup. You can then click on the Finish button and the backup will be ready.

These are the ways to take a backup in the Outlook Express program as per the Outlook Express help and support team. For further assistance on these steps, you may contact the Outlook Express help and support team.

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Steps To Setup Yahoo Mail In Outlook Express

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Email applications are often used for effective communication and people may choose different email applications according to their wish or convenience. Although there are various email applications available online, Microsoft products often have their own advantages. You would have heard about Outlook Express, the email application that is inbuilt with old versions of Windows operating system. The platform serves as a database in addition to the emailing facilities that it offers.

Configuring other email accounts in Outlook Express is easy. If you have a Yahoo mail account that you wish to access using the Outlook program, you can do the same with ease. To setup Yahoo email in Outlook, go through the steps mentioned below. Follow these Outlook Express help tips promptly to prevent any system errors.

Instructions for setting up Yahoo Mail in Outlook Express

  •  Open Outlook Express, click on Tools, and select Accounts.
  • Select Mail tab, choose Add, and click Mail. When you receive the prompt, provide the following information.
  • Display Name: Enter your name.
  • Email Address: provide your complete Yahoo email address.
  • Server Type: POP3
  • Incoming Mail(POP3) server :
  • Outgoing Mail(SMTP) server :
  • Account name: Provide your complete Yahoo email address.
  • Password: Enter your password for Yahoo mail.
  • Uncheck Log on using Secure Password Authentication and select Finish.
  • Now choose My server requires authentication.
  • You can now select Apply.
  • Now choose New account and select Properties.
  • Choose the Servers tab.
  • Select the Advanced tab.

In the field labeled Outgoing mail (SMTP), enter 465 as port number.

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For Incoming mail (POP3), provide 995 as port number.

Choose This server requires a secure connection (SSL).

Choose Leave a copy of messages on server and select OK.

  • Select Close and restart Outlook Express.
  • Now choose Send/Receive and you will soon receive messages from your Yahoo Mail.

The completion of the above set of instructions will help you to receive your Yahoo mail messages in Outlook Express. Thus, you can open each of your Yahoo email message in Outlook Express and avoid the hassle of accessing Yahoo all the time. The instructions are simple to follow and hence they can be completed within a couple of minutes. If you have any questions or queries regarding setting up of emails, you can contact our Outlook Express help and support team for assistance.

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Deleting Outlook Express Accounts

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Microsoft Outlook is one of those email applications that is utilized by many people both for personal as well as official uses. It is very easy to manage emails with the help of Outlook. Apart from sending and receiving emails, Outlook also allows you to manage notes, journals, address book and more. Configuring your email account in this application is relatively simple.

In case you have an email account that you do not use or if you have switched the Internet Service Provider, you will have to remove the email account from Outlook. Removing your email account from Outlook is also an easy task. You will be able to delete all the unwanted emails with the help of few steps. Here are some Outlook Express help tips to get your email account removed that you may not be using anymore.


  • Launch Outlook Express on your computer. Click on Tools from the top of the Outlook window. From the resulting menu, click on Accounts.
  • From the internet accounts screen, choose the Mail tab. You will find the email account in the next window. Choose the email account that you plan to remove.
  • Select the Remove option and then click on Yes when a prompt asks you to make sure. This will delete the email account.

Here Are Some Tips For Removing Your Email Account

While deleting an email account, in case the email account has been designated as default. You will have to choose some other email account as the default. Only after this will you be able to delete the email account that you are trying to remove.

Microsoft Outlook

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You need to make sure that you are removing the right email account, in case there are multiple email accounts in the same domain name. In case, while deleting, if you are not sure of the account, you can click on Properties to check if the email account is the one that you are intending to delete.

Even if you accidently delete a different email account, you can add the account and set up the email with the Add button. Follow the same instructions to delete any other dictionary services or newsgroup accounts.

Since there is no limit on the number of emails you can check, once you set one email account as the default, you can add many more email accounts to Microsoft Outlook. With these Outlook Express Help tips, you will be able to delete email accounts, dictionaries and newsgroup accounts.

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